Anchored Coffee Company is more than just another coffee stand. Kassi Allen spent more than a decade with the most successful coffee chain in America. There, she built relationships and drove home her values of teamwork and community service but it was not enough. Kassi wanted more. More community involvement, more personal investment in people and products, and more freedom to succeed in her own way. Anchored Coffee is a beautifully simple concept. Fresh coffee, fresh baked goods, strong community ties, and fiercely genuine personal service. Kassi is anchored in her community, anchored in her values as a business owner and service provider, and now she is anchored in her own dream of a farmhouse style coffee stand that serves a piping hot brew, custom roasted by Doma, alongside original recipe fresh-baked treats.

Anchored’s side-stop format and easily accessed location at Dalton and 95 makes for an easy choice whether you need a quick cup on your way to work or a friendly conversation over your favorite latte. If you are looking for a go-to coffee stop that is more than just a fly-by, if you want to patronize a business that is rooted deep in your community, come tie up at Anchored Coffee Company.