Don’t mind us, we are just over here building an iceberg!

Seriously… we are building an iceberg. What you are seeing is the walk-up window at Anchored Coffee Company, but it is just the tip. What you aren’t seeing are the hours and hours of planning, the long nights of renovation, the invaluable time spent building relationships in our community, and most importantly, the vision and dreams that birthed Anchored. Why are we an iceberg? Because Anchored is so much more than a customer, employee, or owner could ever expect to find in a national chain coffee stand. We are up to so much more than meticulously selecting our own Doma Coffee roast and perfecting our own, scratch-made baked goods. We can’t spill it all right now, and wouldn’t even if we could because, you know, loose lips sink ships. Just keep your eye on us. Day One is right around the corner, and you are in for a treat.

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